Although we may only be able too see life as it really is when we are really appreciating the simple things and experiencing our hearts gratitude, on a political level, hopefully people will understand by now systems, not people, classes or races are our main concern.

There is enough food and wealth to go around without destroying our environment or creating under-classes.

These political principles can be put into daily life practice, but we need a National Political Communication System in order to give fresh, Heart Political ideas a fair start. The New Political System needs to be many things rolled into one to prevent those who are dug in with vested interests keeping things the same. The New Political System needs to be both Inclusive and Educational and must also double as  Legally Binding Highest Law- That makes public servants (especially elected representatives) accurately follow the will of the people.

I feel very concerned that both main parties are automatically subscribing us to agendas of major powers and that these major powers are just fronts for power hungry corporations. I am communicating with both these webbies to see how we can co-operate;


I mean for god’s sake THINK PEOPLE!! Mainstream politics, including all left wing parties have been failing the people and the environment for years. We need a legal mechanism to control politicians and a system that allows the best ideas to rise to the top and be voted on by the people,

Tell the Greens and Greenpeace and Mana etc that you WON’T vote for them unless they back LEGALLY BINDING REFERENDA  that allows the best ideas to rise to the top and be voted on by the people,

I am not opposed to business, big or wealth per se. There are a significant number of wealthy people who are effective philanthropists.

So this site is about conscientious citizens voting on or initiating Legally Binding Referendums.  Referendums are where an issue is decided by public voting, rather than by political party voting, or vague general political party policy, and the government is legally bound to implement  Legally Binding Referenda, (assuming it is not demonstrable lunacy.)

To achieve wise and conscientious voting  we need balanced and quality information.

The ultimate goal of this site is to work towards one officially recognised website where  conscientious Kiwis, conscious of honouring our founding documents; the 1835 Declaration of Independence and Treaty of Waitangi, can then cast a legally binding vote on political issues that affect Aotearoa/New Zealand.

We have had political parties and ‘democratic media’ for centuries but these issues prove why we must have issue by issue voting that will allow every conscious citizen to become democratically enabled:

Our toxic rubbish is destroying the environment

And our toxic corporate food is destroying our youth.

My case here is that if a good case is made against harmful human practices with clear solutions to them, then the public will vote in support of changes.

The first video link above  irrefutably shows plastic waste is a problem.
The next thing that needs achieving is to get agreement from concerned and knowledgeable parties about what video solution needs to be presented to the public, so that they can just vote for the Legally Binding solution.

If we really try and visualize how the environment can be repaired and how everybody can at least  get basic human needs met, I feel it is an inescapable conclusion that  political solutions must come from collective wisdom rather than political parties.

If this is true, then we really need to be joining together and thinking: “How do we make political decisions that are really  fair and democratic?

Direct Democracy can allow us to focus on the issues as  opposed to wasting all our energy loathing the Left  Wingers or Right Wingers.

Quite often half of a whole society can get firmly behind a misguided cause simply because it is anti Left or Right  Wing.

Or the whole country can be fooled into backing simplistic populist solutions such as either Debate A or Debate B when neither Debate addresses the true cause and details of a problem with Debate M being the only credible solution.

So can politics be simplified through a culture of transparent research and language and where the security of our decision making is with the people rather than some long compromised political party which always has its baggage, just like you and I do?

I think most people KNOW  the  political system should be transparent, inclusive, educational and enlightening.

Ever so slowly I’ll be seeking interviews about how the Treaty of Waitangi can be a win win situation for the everyday people and the page link will be here:

Another thing that I would like to achieve here is have a page of ‘Model Social Systems’ that people can rate or comment on, regardless of whether those systems currently exist in this country, previously existed in this country or exist in some other country.
This will be the link to that page:

Contact: thepeopleslaw”AT”

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